Internet Mobile Marketing

Introduction and spread of cheap internet enabled phones has increased the popularity of internet mobile marketing. Many organizations have developed web sites that are specifically designed for mobile access in a bid to promote themselves and increase their popularity. Furthermore, online shopping through mobile phones has grown at an alarming rate in recent years.
A survey in Britain illustrated the importance of mobile phones in online marketing. In the survey, thirty three percent of smart-phone users had ordered products by use of the phone and another twenty six percent had made a product or service order through a mobile application.
This survey shows that mobile internet marketing should be taken seriously. Organizations should strive towards development of mobile phone friendly websites to increase traffic to their sites. However, the same survey carried out in Britain found that some online marketing professionals had not made their web sites mobile friendly enough with thirty two percent of smart-phone users finding their websites difficult to navigate. Another thirty five percent said that they gave up on websites that were too hard to navigate.

On the other hand, a survey on online marketers showed that only twenty percent of them had a website that was optimized specifically for mobile phone devices. Eighteen percent had a specific mobile application. However, 76 percent of those sampled said that they had a strategy for mobile phone users in place with twenty six percent due to launch a site optimized for smart-phones and tablets in the following year.

Marketing opportunities for mobile phones are emerging fast in a similar manner to the way opportunities for internet marketing arose some years back. Owners of small businesses have recognized this opportunity and are increasingly connecting themselves to establish connections with potential customers.

The popularity of this mode of advertising in small businesses is due to the ability to deliver an ad message quickly. Social media like facebook which is accessed by most people through mobile phones has become a viable site for customer hunting by marketers.

Projections made show that use of mobile phones internet will exceed desktop internet usage by 2014. Marketers need to realize the various ways in which internet usage on mobile phones differ from internet usage on computers. For example, a lot of internet used in mobile phone devices is usually on socializing in social sites like twitter and facebook. Marketers would therefore, make better impact in mobile internet marketing by making use of social sites. Another difference between internet access on phones and that on computers is that phone users tend to search for shorter words and use tools like Google suggest or predictive text. Marketers therefore need to make note of these small differences because adapting to them might make a major difference in their impact on mobile internet marketing.

It is clear that mobile phone marketing, just like internet marketing a few years back, will be the next battle front for marketers in their bid to snare new customers and maintain existing ones.